LGS Handling Ltd is a Joint Venture between the Louis Group, and Goldair Handling. Goldair Handling is an experienced and leading ground handler in Greece and Louis has been providing passenger handling services and ramp supervision since 1947 in Cyprus. Each partner’s brand is synonymous with consistent, high quality service at competitive prices. Following a tender process for the liberalization of the ramp handling at Larnaca and Paphos airports, in May 2008, LGS Handling Ltd has succeeded in being awarded one of the 2 licenses by the Civil Aviation Authority of Cyprus.

LGS Handling Ltd offers an unbeatable package of experience and expertise. Working according to Lufthansa Standards is what establishes LGS Handling Ltd as a reliable and high quality service provider.

The Louis Group, over the last 75 years, has grown from a middle size local travel agency to a multi-national organization with offices all over Cyprus as well as in Athens, Piraeus, London, just to name a few. It is without a doubt, the leading Travel, Tourism, Cruise, Hotel and Catering Organization in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Goldair Handling is the key player in the liberalized Greek Ground Handling Services market, offering full range of Passenger, Ramp and Cargo Handling including Warehousing Services at the twenty six liberalized Greek airports of Athens (ATH), Thessaloniki (SKG), Heraklion (HER), Rhodes (RHO), Chania (CHQ), Zakynthos (ZTH), Kefalonia (EFL), Kos (KGS), Santorini (JTR), Mykonos (JMK), Corfu (CFU), Mytilene (MJT), Kavala (KVA), Skiathos (JSI), Kalamata (KLX), Samos (SMI), Chios (JKH), Aktion (PVK), Araxos (GPA), Karpathos (AOK), Limnos (LXS), Nea Anchialos (VOL), Ioannina (IOA), Alexandroupolis (AXD), Paros (PAS) and Skiros (SKU) as well as at Sofia (SOF) and Burgas (BOJ) airports in Bulgaria,

Serving more than 6 million passengers and offering Handling Services to about 55 thousand aircraft-movements annually, Goldair Handling is considered a valuable partner for airline companies and tour operators.