The comprehensive range of  Aircraft  and Cargo Handling services  include: 

  • Cargo Handling and warehousing (Transfer to/from aircraft) (including handling of dangerous goods and live animals by fully qualified staff)
  • ULD Build-up/breakdown
  • Cargo documentation and processing of all import/transfer/export documents
  • Transmission of all Cargo IMP messages
  • Delivery of cargo to all towns of Cyprus
  • Freight sales at competitive prices
  • DGR Acceptance and special cargo handling
  • Customs clearance
  • Tracing of cargo and baggage using the SITA World Tracer system
  • Home and hotel delivery of retrieved baggage as well as cargo and settlements of first need expenses.
  • ULD storage and Inventory control
  • Security Screening of Cargo
  • Cargo and mail handling
  • Temperature controlled rooms for the preservation of vegetables and perishable cargo